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My name is Jake, I'm 20. I reside in Houston. I've watched and have been a fan of sports since I was little. I'm a Texans fan (yes its hard sometimes) but a true fan supports their team through thick and thin as they say. I'm also a fan of the other Houston teams (Rockets, Astros, etc..). I love watching all sports. How can someone not like sports?! Mind boggling I tell ya.

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Super Bowl XLIII Prediction posted on 01/31/2009
After two weeks of so-called experts and reporters breaking down each team's strengths and weaknesses and what Kurt Warner's favorite food is and what Big Ben likes in music and dislikes ...it's nice to have the game just a mere 24+ hours away. I do like the hype to an extent, but once you hit Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Super Bowl weekend...you're ready for the game!

So the stage is set: The flashy Arizona Cardinals (yes the Arizona Cardinals!) take on the tough and rigid Pittsburgh Steelers defense (ranked first in the National Football League). They say 'Defense Wins Championships' which has proven correct a lot in the past, but I have a little hunch. The best defense or the best team doesn't always win the big game. Just check last year's Super Bowl. The undefeated New England Patriots were upset by the New York Giants. How? By one VERY lucky catch by Giants' receiver David Tyree. The whole Patriots season without a single loss faded without any gold due to a single catch. You can't script that. You also can't script a 8-7 Arizona Cardinals team looking putrid losing 47-7 in the ice and snow in Foxboro and then winning every week after that (including the post season) to get to the grandest stage in the NFL (maybe in all of sports). I've said it before on this blog and I'll probably say it again next season, you just can't predict what will happen in the NFL nowadays from week to week.

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The Bruised and the Restless posted on 01/21/2009
The Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets have certainly had their differences in the past on the court. Memorable physical drag-em-out games, down to the wire playoff games with the Jazz being the ones having the upper hand more times than not. However, both teams have had similar problems this season with...

you guessed it from the title...injuries.

The Jazz basically started a bench squad for the majority of the beginning of the season without Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams in the starting mix. Williams came back eventually from an ankle injury while Boozer just had arthroscopic knee surgery 12 days ago.

The Rockets on the other side of the coin have also had their fair share of nagging injuries. Tracy McGrady continues to be out. He's in the middle of his '2 week physical conditioning'. Ron Artest has a ankle injury and has made it clear he's uncertain when he'll be able to return to the court. So the pieces of the puzzle are still up in the air for the 26-16 Houston Rockets.

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Setting the Stage: Arizona Cardinals posted on 01/20/2009
The stage was officially set after Sunday's two Conference games for the 43rd Super Bowl. The Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers both jumped over their last hurdles to go to the big dance. But don't ask either coach if they'll be satisfied with just making it. They want to win it! I'll bring you a in-depth 7 part preview of the big game as I'll give my prediction on the game on the 7th and final post. So let's get to it! This is the 'intro' post to the 7 part series.

Arizona Cardinals v. Pittsburgh Steelers

If you would have asked any NFL fan before the season started what they thought the Super Bowl match up would be, most likely they wouldn't have guessed the Arizona Cardinals would be in it. They would have probably predicted a Division winner (since the NFC West is not the toughest division of football) but the Super Bowl? Not so fast right? However the NFL is a wacky sport. It doesn't matter how well you start out or how many big names you have on a team, but instead of chemistry and getting hot at just the right time.

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Still Important posted on 12/25/2008
From Week 12 to Week 15 the Houston Texans showed great poise and determination. They started a 4-game winning streak in Cleveland in a defensive battle. Not overly impressive, but a win is a win in the National Football League. The team then dominated a displaced looking Jacksonville Jaguars team at home in the first Monday Night game in franchise history.

Still...not overly impressive.

Week 14 came and the Texans flew into frosty Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers. A Packers team that hasn't played well most of the season, but anytime you play in a historic stadium like Lambeau and in single digit temperatures....it's going to be tough!

Matt Schaub returned from his MCL injury suffered during the road game at the Vikings (Nov.2nd) and threw for a franchise-record 414 passing yards in the freezing temperatures. The headline following the game on the 'YahooN! Fantasy Sports' page called Schaub a "Cool Customer". Accurate to the tee! Despite the 400+ yard day for Schaub, the Texans turned the ball over 4 times. Most times that would equal a loss in the record books, but the Packers didn't play good football. They scored all of their 21 points off Texans turnovers. Houston escaped with a 24-21 victory with a game-winning field goal from kicker Kris Brown.

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NFL Week 16 Predictions posted on 12/19/2008
Week 16 is off and rolling as the NFL season continues to wind down. Due to a busy schedule and some internet difficulties I was not able to bring you a Week 15 prediction post. But have no fear I'm back this week with a Week 16 post (yip yip hooray!) I went a miserable 1-3 in Week 14. With the season winding down, theirs several big games with playoff implications on the line. So without further a due....let's take a look at the games and predictions of the week.

Overall Record: 21-19
Week 14 Record: 1-3

1) Houston Texans @ Oakland Raiders

The Houston Texans were officially eliminated from the playoffs at the end of Week 15 to no surprise after the shaky first half of the season, but faded playoff hopes hasn't kept the team down the past 4 weeks as they've played tough defense and good football overall. In the last 4 weeks the Texans have defeated (in order): Browns, Jaguars, Packers, Titans. Okay the Browns and Jaguars isn't too big of a deal, but going into Lambeau and dominating the Packers and then coming home and defeating the first place team and rival the Titans? That's a statement. This should be a layup for the Texans this week as they go into Oakland to face the 3-11 Raiders. A loss would be very disappointing for a team that has won 4 straight. I take the Texans in this one as they'll win their 5th straight game (hopefully).

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